Rules for Admission

            1.Each students have to live in Brhamcharya ashram till the completion of Education.

            2.There would be no responsibility of the institute if the student\Bramchri flee from the ashram.

            3.the name will be removed or cut only f the signature of that guaridian who has signature on the entrance application card at admission.

            4.If the student belongs to a bad habit or infections decease then all responsibility will be of guardian because this fact hidden by that guardian.

            5.the student medical check will be in Gurukul at admission and another certificate card by doctor will not be accepted.

            6.If compulsory to deposit certified orginal copy of transfer certificate and another necessary certifate during the date of admission otherwise the admission will be rejected.

            7.The judging area of any dispute actions will be district Saharanpur court.

Funamental Features

            1.There is good effort to adopt the delicate mind student in such breezing atmosphere for from the pollutted enourment of urban and city area so that there may be a good flow of development of body mentallly &            spritual constantly.

            2.The student will have to go at home only the mont of june. at the time of summer vacation.

            3.Chaste and health full stuff will be given to the students.

            4.There is best arrangement of VI-FI internet,Desktop,smart classes and side computer room in the age of communication and science.

            5.There is a special tranning for international games.

            6.There is the best managing belongs to spritual,vaidik literature & other subjects.